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Empowering and engaging youth in sustainable conservation while raising awareness on biodiversity conservation of Key Biodiversity Areas in Rwanda, case of Gishwati Forest

Eastern Afromontane, Rwanda, Gishwati-Mukura National Park, Gishwati

6 Months

Project Description
The main goal of this project is to empower youth while raising awareness for sustainable conservation of GishwatiKBA in Rwanda. The first objective is mainly production and dissemination of conservation materials with the aim to raise awareness on sustainable conservation of biodiversity while building capacity of young people in conservations as future leaders and decision makers through awareness raising campaigns and media
For sustainable conservation of all KBAs in Rwanda and with the aim to connect young people with Nature, Nature Rwanda together with development partners, NGOs, Media and the government of Rwanda will replicate this project to the remaining KBAs. It worth noting that the above mentioned materials will be relevant mostly for secondary schools students and undergraduate students who lack materials. Nature Rwanda will work with Rwanda University Club for Conservation of Biodiversity to reach out and engage many students at University of Rwanda

Project sponsors:

Empowering women for sustainable conservation of Akanyaru IBA

Akanyaru, Bugesera

Project Summary:
The Akanyaru wetlands contribute to community’s wellbeing of about 100,000 people; the value of this ecosystem derives from the use of its goods and services. They provide unique habitats to threatened species but it was listed as an IBA in danger and remains unprotected ecosystem. We want to discoal nnect loccommunities to Akanyaru IBA for its sustainable conservation.  The purpose of this project is to empower women through Cooperative. The main outputs will be habitat rehabilitation, indigenous knowledge documented, and women empowered as key stakeholders who are most of the time are left behind due to social issues.

To empower women in sustainable biodiversity conservation though cooperatives while raising awareness on protection and promotion of Akanyaru wetlands,
To remove water hyacinth in Akanyaru Wetlands in order to restore and rehabilitate the birds and other animals’ habitat, and
To promote and adding value on Kosumu’s handcraft products.

1 year