Community outreach

Nature for people implies that nature should meet the demands of society and should be within easy reach, accessible and usable. People for nature means that the nature should be protected, managed, cultivated and developed by people. Nature cannot do without the care of man. Nature is a non human made asset that is important for the livelihood of people. Nature is composed of all living things (plants, animals, fungi and microorganisms) and their habitat in which all the components are interdependent.

  • People need Nature

  • Nature enhances our lives, helps us feel better, has positive impacts on our social skills, and helps us be environmentally responsible citizens. Never mind that it provides all food, air and water that we need to survive! Parks are created by people, managed by people, for people because people need nature.

  • Nature “needs” people

When people lack a nature experience, it can lead to apathy towards environmental concerns. It is any wonder then that nature is being lost – 60% of the species assessed have declined over recent decades and 30% have declined very strongly. People it seems are not concerned enough about nature. Nature (animals and plants) is the mainstay of human life because it provides people with many products, keeps the air clean and the pure water for granted. The Nature helps to maintain precious biodiversity of global importance – help it to revive and support the conservation of biodiversity. The nature is also a source of revenue to the government and the community where people from all over the world come to visit it and pay money.