Get Involved

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has” Quoting Margaret Mead. They are various ways to get involved in Nature Rwanda’s activities and help the organization to build communities where human being will be living in harmony with nature without compromising future generations’ well being.


Rwanda offers a three months length period internship for undergraduate students in environment management, biodiversity conservation, and sustainable development. The program is a nice opportunity to enhance knowledge and skills in order to face high competitive job market and meet employer’s requirement skills and knowledge. It will be a great networking opportunity which opens a gateway to a well paid position in your career. Upon the comprehension, students are marked for their industrial attachment and join Nature Rwanda Network.


Nature Rwanda offers a six to twelve months volunteering opportunity to young committed, passionate, and fresh graduate students. Volunteers are placed in environment management, biodiversity conservation or sustainable development projects depending on their background and their passion. They will be reporting to the project Managers and monitored and evaluated by the central administration. At the end of the placements, volunteers will get certificate and linked up to potential employers.

e- Mentorship
Nature Rwanda offers a mentorship platform; linking mentors with young environmentalists and conservationists who want to shape their career with a support of a role model or a mentor. With current education system, brilliant students have to be engaged with mentors at early stage in order be aware of what employers will be looking for while hiring so that they should prepare themselves to the current and increasing job competition in all sectors.

e- Fellowship

Nature Rwanda offers a one year fellowship for students with passion in environment management and biodiversity conservation. The fellowship will be composed by two weeks orientation program, eleven months placement based, and two weeks wrap up and next steps in their career. The fellowship will be merit based and paid. Upon successful comprehension of the fellowship year and on the agreement of terms and condition, the fellows shall serve as Nature Rwanda Youth Ambassador.  

e- Donation

You can extend your hand to help Nature Rwanda to promote love of nature, attitudes of respecting and protecting the environment, understanding of the value of biodiversity, and inspire informed action to protect nature.
Every donation we will receive from you will be wisely and consciously invested Education and community based projects.
By supporting Nature Rwanda, you will become an important part of the biggest, unique and growing nature protection movement in Rwanda.

For more info, leave us a message at or simply call/whatsapp +250 788929782 / 250 788678936.