Community outreach

Community outreach is one of the best ways to educate people about the importance of biological diversity conservation. It attracts the active engagement of local community in biodiversity conservation. The Nature Rwanda adopted the program of community outreach in order to educate a huge number and wide range of people the nature conservation as well as connecting people with the nature. This community outreach is achieved by preparing community suitable approaches and actively thinking on the need of the society.
There is a direct interaction between local community and the conservation expert. Community are given chance to share their perspectives on biodiversity conservation which can help planners to develop a sustainable way to protect the nature. Also in community outreach, local community becomes engaged in nature conservation decision making without any compromising.

Among the best ways to engage the community in conservation activities is to understand their languages on the nature and try to link them with the truth so that to develop attainable measures to conserve the biodiversity. For example, the local community may think that nature conservation is designed for politicians or environmentalists and this is a hindrance to achieve the conservation success. In community outreach, mentors act like a partners not rulers so to engage each category’s participation.
Group discussions are good ways to guarantee community outreach success. In group discussion, a conservation topic is raised and people give their different responses. This is critical to insure that all participants are involved and can be used to address conservation challenges.